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Family Health and Infectious Diseases

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Post of Manager, Family Health and Infectious Diseases

Broad Purpose of the Post

The Manager, Family Health and Infectious Diseases will be responsible for providing policy and strategic direction to coordinate regional networks to implement evidence based programmes in order to facilitate member countries to achieve the highest level of Family Health and Infectious Diseases for the population of ECSA-HC.

Specific Responsibilities

i. Provide leadership in establishing ECSA HC policy and strategy on Family Health and Infectious Disease interventions within the ECSA member states.
ii. Coordinate the implementation of family health and infectious disease programmes in the ECSA region.
iii. Support the managers of programmes within ECSA in evolving programmes that integrate family health and infectious diseases into other sectors/programmes for the improvement of health delivery in ECSA member states.

iv. Use established networks at the regional and international level to collect 
and exchange information on family health and infectious diseases for use in programming.
v. Monitor and report the progress and outcomes of the organisation’s interventions related to family health and infectious diseases that are integrated in other health programmes.
vi. Advise management on the issues related to family health and infectious
diseases that needs to be addressed at the regional level.
vii. Liaise with regional and international organisations/partners to facilitate
the implementation of innovative interventions and models of good
practices that are adaptable to the ECSA member states.
viii. Maintain and regularly review a system for profiling, repackaging and
dissemination of models of good practices that are cost effective for
promotion of family health and control of infectious diseases in the ECSA
HC member states.

ix. Mobilize resources from different partners through writing 
programme/project proposals to support implementation of regional interventions for family health programmes and control of infectious diseases and ensure accountability of resources to meet the collaborators funding requirements.
x. Implement multi-centre operational research activities to support development of evidence-based policies and programmes that focus on family health and infectious diseases.

xi. Participate in scientific conferences on family health and infectious diseases as part of advocacy and to keep abreast with contemporary issues in family health and infectious diseases.
xii. Coordinate as required specific programmes and projects on Family
Health and Infectious Diseases.
xiii. Perform any other related functions and duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.

Minimum Entry Qualifications

i. Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine
ii. Masters/Postgraduate qualifications in Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
Public health, Epidemiology, Community health or SRH field or a social
degree with postgraduate qualifications in Public health or Epidemiology
iii. Any other post graduate social science or clinical qualifications relevant

to SRH, MCH, HIV/AIDS, TB and other Infectious Diseases.


East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community
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Post of Office Messenger

Broad Purpose of the Post

The Office Messenger is expected to support functions which contribute to the effective and efficient operations of the Organization. Specifically, to ensure the provision of efficient delivery and distribution of mails and documents for ECSA Health Community.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Post

i. Distribute files internally.
ii. To maintain files registry
iii. Facilitate procurement of office groceries
iv. To produce quarterly report on the use of office groceries
v. To maintain daily cleaning of the kitchen and utensils
vi. Deliver and collect mail and consignments to and from couriers and/or
post office.
vii. To distribute mails and parcels outside the office and collect the same
from couriers and post office to ensure it is received in time.

viii. Preparation of tea/coffee etc.

ix. To arrange documents and files in ranking or cabinets in the registry.
x. To file documents in the appropriate files.
xi. To receive, record and distribute incoming and internally memorandum.
xii. To record and arranging for the efficient and timely dispatch of all
xiii. Perform any other related functions and duties as may be assigned by
the supervisor.

Minimum Entry Qualifications

Education and Work Experience
i. Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education.
ii. Valid scooter/motorcycle driving license.
iii. A driving Certificate from an accredited training institutions such as
National Institute of Transport (NIT) or Vocational Education Training
Authority (VETA) will be an added advantage
iv. At least three to five years’ work experience as a messenger in a
reputable organization preferably in an international organization.
Essential Skills and Competencies Required
i. Good communication skills of both oral and written English Language.
ii. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

iii. Basic computer skills


East, Central and Southern Africa Health Community

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Post of Finance Officer

Broad Purpose of the Post

ECSA-HC seeks to recruit an experienced Finance Officer to support the ECSAHealth Community and Global Fund (GF) Project. The position is funded on a three year renewable contract and will be based in Arusha, Tanzania.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Planning and Budgeting
i. Lead in the ECSA HC/GF planning and budgeting process and oversee
the development of accurate plans and budgets for all the activities.
ii. Oversee fund transfers to the areas and ensure that accurate documents
are kept of the process and that the internal processes are respected.

Financial Management

i. Ensure that all internal and external financial and administrative
reporting requirements are met in accordance with GF standards
ii. Prepare timely and accurate financial requisitions to ECSA-HC to
support the agreed the designated project activities as required.
iii. Provide timely and accurate financial reports for monies received by the Project
iv. Reconcile all GF related advances disbursed from different accounts in
on a monthly basis.
v. Prepare monthly GF recurring journal entries.
vi. Track fixed assets and record depreciation.
vii. Reconcile Bank Accounts
viii. Maintain the Journal for all Bank accounts.
ix. Process client invoices for assigned projects and activities.
x. Assist with the month end closure of the books of accounts.

Audit and Internal Controls

i. Work with the ECSA-HC management to ensure that all policies and
procedures relating to audit are respected and audits carried out in a
timely manner for the GF project.
ii. Develop, adapt and roll-out ECSA policies and finance procedures in GF
iii. Ensure strict Internal Controls to ensure compliance with GF and ECSA

Finance Capacity Building

i. Ensure appropriate communication on financial matters with the contracts and Finance Manager at the Global Fund (GF) regional office as well as the Finance & Grants management officer at ECSA-HC.
ii. Report, measure and interpret the results of operations. Ensure the
appropriate financial statements are accurately produced.
iii. Analyze performance against budgets and prepare other pertinent
financial analysis.


i. Develop, adapt and manage the ECSA GF procurement policies and
procedures for the GF project.
i. In collaboration with ECSA-HC Arusha Office facilitating the processing
of the relevant benefits package for the GF project staff.
ii. Support the project staff to fulfil their income tax obligations in line with
the ECSA and GF regulations.
iii. Providing requisite logistical support to GF activities at ECSA HC.
iv. Perform any other related functions and duties as may be assigned by
the supervisor

Minimum Entry Qualifications

i. Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration/Commerce/Finance or
Economics with a bias in Accounting or its equivalent.
ii. CPA / ACCA or any other relevant professional course at level one
qualification is a requirement.
Work Experience
i. S/he should have at least three years of work experience in accounting
or business management.
ii. Experience in donor funded projects is preferred.
iii. Experience in financial accounting and in preparation of financial

iv. Experience in transactional accounting specifically the input of financial 
data into an accounting system.
v. Experience in using or understanding of Ms Office (Word, Excel, etc.) and
accounting software/packages.
vi. The working experience should include work in an international, intergovernmental,
governmental organization.

Essential Skills and Competencies Required

i. Good communication and report writing skills.
ii. Capacity to work in a multicultural environment
iii. Project management skills and experience
iv. Team player with strong team work skills
Language: Fluency in both spoken and written English.

Age: Between 30 and 45 years of age

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