members have rights depending on their status in the family. For
instance, parents have rights like bearing, guiding and advising children.
They are also free to teach community values to their children and be
respected by their children.
the other hand, children have rights to basic and other needs such as
food, shelter, clothes, education, health-care, rest and leisure. Their
opinions are also supposed to be heard, they are to be given names and
be registered, live with their parents, be protected from harm and be
treated equally without discrimination.

Family stability
is the situation where the family is firm, steady and not changing or
disturbed in any way. In a stable family, there is trust, respect,
harmony and good behaviour.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Each Member in the Family
Responsibilities of family members
responsibility is a duty or a job someone has to do, and would be
blamed if one fails to do it or does it wrongly. Each family member has
his or her own duties for the benefit of the family and the community at
(a) Father
most African societies, the father is the head of the family and
therefore has more responsibilities than others. Such responsibilities
include making decisions for the family and organizing family
activities. He also provides security and requirements for family
members like food, clothes and good shelter. Additionally, he teaches
children customs and traditions of their community and maintains family
discipline and peace.
(b) Mother
mother always assists the father in maintaining the family. But in some
societies, the mother plays a significant role in day-to-day family
matters. She is the closest assistant and organizer of family
activities. She also gives birth and cares for both her husband and
children. Lastly, she is a bridge of love between parents and children
as well as maintains family stability.
(c) Children
are an important component of the family and nation at large. They are
good assistants in domestic work and in take care of younger siblings.
Additionally, they are a bond of love and joy in a family. Therefore,
they have to respect parents and elders, and learn from them.

Consequences of Failure by Family Members to Carry out Their Responsibilities
consequences of failure by family members to carry out their
responsibilities include the lack of basic needs. This is because
children cannot get basic and other needs if their parents fail to work
hard. It can also lead to family conflict, family breakdown and children
becoming street kids. For instance, frequent misunderstandings cause
quarrels and consequently, the absence of peace and security to family
members. Finally, family instability may be witnessed aschildren may
acquire bad habits and create trouble in the society.
Exercise 1
1. Define the following terms:
  1. Courtship
  2. Marriage
  3. Early marriage
Exercise 2
2. Marriage can be legally recognized, it has been established by:
  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________
Exercise 3
3. List any four (4) major causes of early marriage in your society

Exercise 4
4. Write True or False against the following statements:
  1. Poverty is one of the causes of early marriages
  2. HIV/AIDS can be the consequence of early marriage
  3. Children are responsible for feeding the family
  4. Mature marriage is always advantageous
Exercise 5
5. Pick and write the letter of the correct answer from the choices listed below. (The question is not clear. It appears some words are missing. Improve it)
  1. It prepares mates for adulthood
  2. It is a period of avoiding HIV
  3. It is a period of joy and love
  4. None of the above
Exercise 6
6. Are you ready to get married to someone? If Yes or No, give three reasons.

Exercise 7
7. What is a family?

Exercise 8
8. Name any three pillars of families found in your society
  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________
Exercise 9
9. What are the advantages of the nuclear family?

Exercise 10
10. What are the disadvantages of extended family?


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