Brac Tanzania Jobs Regional Manager, Micro finance

Job description

The focus of this position is to operate smooth and sustainable Microfinance Program in the
regional level to enhance the capacity of the field based staffs
Aanalyzes branch portfolio quality and growth trend of portfolio.
Orients the staff (AM, BM & CO) with the annual target plan of the program and provides proper work guide lines. Prepares quarterly and yearly target plans.
Follow up on AM field visits and verifies/checks all sorts of documentation and documents at the branch and area levels. Approves necessary bills and documents.To maintain regular follow up and provide support for BIMAS operation.
Conducts meetings with AMs and BMs after certain intervals, analyzes their performances and instructs them on the next projections and achievements.Visit BRAC International countries to perform country office audit.
Facilitates MF reports, audit &monitoring reports and liaisons with local governments and other organizations in the respective regions.
During field visits, checks collection sheets, DCRs, cash books, payments of the day, cash withdrawals from the bank, cash deposits at the bank, cash transfers to A/O etc.
Emphasizes on customer service and educates the field staff on ensuring proper customer service to the branch office.
Makes plans and provides directions to realize overdue when the branch has an overdue and current to late transfer is very significant.

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