Job Description:

The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) will plan and drive the development and execution of a consolidated and integrated commercialization strategy for the company. The CCO will also build a commercialization infrastructure and organization to drive market adoption of the company’s products and be responsible for sustainable business growth within the organization. He/she will pursue this by leading all activities related to marketing, sales, product development and customer service.

• Leadership
o Deliver strategic leadership for defining the commercial path to growth and profitability of the company and the establishment of an effective growth process and infrastructure.
o Develop collaborative working relationships within the organization in pursuit of the of the company’s overall business goals.
o Influence, motivate, drive and build a winning and consolidated team to achieve long term company’s goals.
• Marketing and Product Development
o Lead development of the company’s marketing strategy with an emphasis on achieving market penetration and sales growth with a particular emphasis on cost-effective customer acquisition and market demand generation.
o Define and develop the company’s strategy for the services and product portfolio covering mobile, fixed and financial categories, to conquer massive and corporate segments.
o Lead and define the customer segmentation strategy, based on their behavior to tailor the offer according to his/her needs. Activities include from churn management to loyalty programs.
o Definition and implementation of the pricing framework to guarantee margin requirements and projected revenue growths.
• Facilitating Cultural Change
o To actively act as an employee champion and change agent.
o Shaping and developing collective management skills in support of desired culture
o Aligning and streamline all HR processes, programs and systems with core values and strategic direction
o Designing and organizing structures and people management roles
o Developing strategic change experts, agents and capabilities of all employees to support and implement desired organizational changes
• Sales
o Develop and implement the company’s sales strategy across consumer segments to ensure that the company identifies and optimizes a clear path to aggressive growth.
o Assess, build and manage an array of necessary channels capable of delivering on the company’s growth objectives. Including, for example: Inside sales, direct sales, enterprise sales and distributors sales channels to meet and exceed revenue targets.
o Build and maintain a sustainable commissions scheme to achieve company’s target and to keep the salesforce members motivated and hungry for results.
• Customer Operations
o Ensure that the needs of our customers are being satisfied by providing excellent customer service.
o Analyze, plan and build the consumer journey and all his/her touchpoints with the company, guaranteeing a seamless, insightful and simple interaction.
o Deliver the best possible service in every channel (physical or digital) focusing on the consumer satisfaction and effortless as the key priorities.


Professional Experience/ Qualifications
1. 10+ years in managerial positions with demonstrated experience in developing and executing successful commercialization and consumer strategies
2. University education, ideally with an MBA.
3. Fluent in English.
4. Strong personal presence and customer-oriented attitude. The ability to adapt, lead and motivate others.
5. Possess excellent negotiation and consultative selling skills in a truly challenging business environment.
6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with an openness to cultural diversity.
7. Able to articulate the company’s value proposition in a compelling manner to employees, customers, business partners, industry analysts, the investment community and the industry at large.
8. Highly developed analytical skills and planning competencies with an excellent ability to build strategies that s/he has proven to later convert into actions.
9. A proven leader and team player with a high degree of charisma, drive and energy, with the experience, personality and interpersonal skills to gain the respect of a talented group of founders and employees.