The department of Statistics, University of Dodoma, Dodoma, Tanzania will hold third Statistical Conference on “New Advances in Statistical Methods and their Applications” on 20.10.2018 to celebrate WORLD STATISTICS DAY. The conference aims to bring together statistical practitioners and data scientists in Tanzania including data analysts, researchers, bankers and scientists—who engage in the application of statistics to solve real-world problems.
The goal of the conference is to provide participants with opportunities to learn new statistical methodologies and best practices in statistical analysis, design, consulting, and programming. The conference is designed to help applied statisticians improve their abilities in consulting and aiding customers and organizations solve real-world problems. The conference will offer concurrent sessions of paper presentations and poster session.
The presented papers will be published as conference proceedings in the journal of Natural and Earth Sciences.
Target Audience: The intended audience includes those statisticians, data analysts, researchers, and scientists who engage in statistical analysis, design, and consulting as a major component of their jobs. They may teach, engage in research, and perform administrative duties, but their main role is the practice of statistics.
Registration Fee: All participants are requested to pay in advance the registration fee of 50,000 Tsh for participation and 20,000Tsh for students to cover conference materials, meal, refreshment and certificate of attendance. It may be deposited in the bank, details of which are given below:
Bank Details:
Name of the Account: College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences;
Account no: 0150221567000
Name of the Bank: CRDB Bank, UDOM Branch, Dodoma.
First call for abstracts: March 1, 2018
Second call for abstracts: July 10, 2018
Call for Abstracts Close: September 1, 2018
Notification of Acceptance: September 5, 2018
The delegates and participants desirous to attend the conference are requested to register through this link


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