Job Vacancies at St John’s University of Tanzania, April 2018

St. John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT) is owned by the Anglican Church of Tanzania (ACT). The Mazengo campus is located in Kikuyu area in Dodoma, about 3.5km southwest of the town centre along the Mtera-Iringa highway. The University has centres: St Mark’s Centre at Buguruni Malapa in Dar es Salaam, Kigoma/Ujiji Centre and DCT Msalato Centre along the Dodoma-Arusha highway about 8 km from town and one site within Dodoma Town.

St John’s University of Tanzania is committed to a culture of quality, excellence and absolute integrity in the context of Biblical values.

The University invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

(a) Reports to: Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).

(b) Job Summary: 
The purpose of the post is to assist the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) in the performance of duties pertaining to administration of library services and information management.

(c) Skills and Abilities: 
A qualified candidate for this position shall possess the following skills and abilities:
(i) Ability to develop a vision, mission and direction for the University in library services and information management;
(ii) Ability to interpret and promote the University’s key academic functions and objectives;
(iii) Ability to stimulate and encourage new ideas and developments through motivation and support for staff and students;
(iv) Skills in strategic management, communication, interpersonal, public relations and negotiations;
(v) Ability to influence, persuade and build coalitions and networks; and
(vi) Innovative in developing and deploying technology of teaching and learning.

(d) Qualification: 
Holder of Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies or Digital Library Learning from a recognized Institution. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in a 5-point scale in undergraduate degree and a minimum GPA of 4.0 on a 5-point scale for a Master’s degree or equivalent

(e) Experience: 
A minimum of six (6) years of relevant work experience of which four (4) years must be at senior managerial level.

(f) Main Duties and Responsibilities:
The Director of Library Services and Information Management shall be responsible to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) for the efficient and effective performance of duties and responsibilities pertaining to library service and information management. He/she shall specifically be responsible for the following:

(i) Serves as the overall in-charge of the activities in the Library answerable to the Vice Chancellor through the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Planning, Finance and Administration) within respective functional responsibility;
(ii) Makes sure that the Library is abreast with up-to-date technology for users when it comes to, but not limited to, such aspects as e-readership, collection of books and journals, inter-library loaning and so on;
(iii) Plans, prepares and executes Library staff recruitment and development programmes;
(iv) Mentors junior library staff in relevant matters;

(v) Prepares, implement and evaluate the day to day running of Library activities; ST JOHN’S UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA
(vi) Oversees the annual appraisal of Library staff;
(vii) Promotes cooperation between the library and other academic units in the University;
(viii) Solicits, budgets and manages Library funds;
(ix) Ensures the security and maintenance of Library property;
(x) Prepares and submits annual reports on the activities of the Library; and
(xi) Performs any other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by competent authority.

(g) Salary Scale: 
Staff salary rank plus duty post allowance according to SJUT Scheme of Service

(h) Tenure: 
Four (4) years renewable once on satisfactory performance.

2. Job Title: DEAN OF SCHOOL – School of Nursing (SONU)
(a) Reports to: Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)
(b) Duty Station: SJUT Main Campus, Mazengo – Dodoma

(c) Job Summary: 
Overall academic and administrative leadership of the School.

(d) Qualification:
(i) A Senior Academic member of staff, with a PhD in natural sciences from a recognized University;
(ii) Extensive knowledge and experience of University systems;
(iii) Exemplary record of scholarship, teaching, research and consultancy services; and
(iv) Management experience of higher learning institutions.

Skills and Abilities:
(i) Ability to develop a vision, mission and direction for the School.
(ii) Ability to interpret and promote the University’s key academic and administrative functions.
(iii) Ability to stimulate and encourage new ideas and developments through motivation and support for staff and students.
(iv) Strategic management, communication, interpersonal, public relations and negotiations; and
(v) Ability to influence, persuade and build coalitions and networks.
(e) Experience: With a minimum of six (6) years working experience in tertiary education institutions.

(f) Main Duties and Responsibilities:
The Dean of School shall be responsible for the efficient and effective performance of all matters of administration and academic affairs of the School. He/she shall specifically be responsible, for:
(i) Be the academic and administrative Head of the School.
(ii) Participate in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of the academic policies and strategic plans of the University.
(iii) Promote academic excellence in teaching, research and service (consultancy) programmes of the School.

(iv) Lead the School with respect to teaching, research and service (consultancy) by setting goals and standards and supporting initiatives and new directions in School.
(v) Coordinate the School teaching, research and service (consultancy) commitments in consultation with the Heads of Department.
(vi) Bring opportunities for research, publication service and conference attendance to the attention of ALL staff and assist them to take advantage of such opportunities using transparent and objective criteria of merit.
(vii) Establish mechanisms and procedures for monitoring teaching and examination standards within the School and ensure that the School academic objectives and commitments are achieved.
(viii) Identify objectives and set priorities for the School in consultation with the academic/research staff and other appropriate persons.

(ix) Prepare and implement strategic growth plans for the School with regard to new programmes, new academic development and the demands of future expansion and be actively involved in mobilizing resources for realizing the plans, within the overall strategic plan of the University.
(x) Contribute to the university academic plan on behalf of the School.
(xi) Be responsible for the examination matters within the School ensuring the timeouts preparations of papers, over-seeing the recommendations for the appointment of external examiners and collating and  approving examination results at the School level and preparing for transmission to Senate the examination results from the School.
(xii) Promote positive student relations within the School and actively resolve problems raised by students and staff alike.

(xiii) Ensure that members of staff are accessible to students and that, students and staff members treat each other with courtesy and consideration.
(xiv) Be responsible through the various Departments, for selection of local staff eligible to proceed for further training and co-ordinate the activities of staff undergoing training within the School.
(xv) Submit annual reports of the School and annual performance appraisal of the academic, administrative and technical staff in the School, all in a timely manner.
(xvi) Recommend in consultation with Heads of Departments staff for appointment, confirmation or promotion.

(xvii) Ensure staff observe University policies and procedures, take timely and appropriate action when policies and procedures breached, and recommend disciplinary action where necessary.
(xviii) Submit budgets for the School activities to the DVCPFA in accordance with University timelines, policy and procedures.
(xix) Provide accurate and timely information and data for University publications, reports and the administrative information systems.
(xx) Allocate duties and workload equitably amongst the School office staff.
(xxi) Undertake any other related duties as may from time to time be assigned to him/her by competent University authority.

(g) Salary Scale: 
Staff salary rank according to SJUT Scheme of Service

(h) Tenure: By appointment of a fixed term contract of three (3) years, renewable for another term, subject to satisfactory performance.

Mode of Application: 
Complete application package that consists of Application Letter supported with detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV), relevant copies of Certificates i.e. Degree/Diploma Certificates /Testimonials, Academic Transcripts plus Secondary School Certificates and their contact details should be submitted no later than: 30th April, 2018 to:

Vice Chancellor,
St John’s University of Tanzania
P.O Box 47,
Dodoma, Tanzania.
Tel: 026-239 0044 Fax: 026-239 0025 E-mail: admin@sjut.ac.tz OR hr@sjut.ac.tzWebsite: www.sjut.ac.tz

Source: Mwananchi 17 April 2018

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