VETA has a set of systematic procedures for people interested to join its centres for vocational education and training. The procedures are as outlined below:
  • VETA provides long and short courses training through different modes of training delivery;
  • Applications to join centres owned by VETA are invited every year in August, through announcement in the media and in the VETA’s website:;
  • Applicants must possess a minimum of standard seven (VII) education;
  • Application form may be collected from the nearest vocational training centre owned by VETA. The forms contain information about all VTCs, including the occupations taught, locations and also whether there are boarding facilities or not;
  • The applicant is allowed to do the aptitude tests in the region where he collected the application form but may choose to go to a centre in any other region;
  • The Aptitude Test is done in October, and the successful candidates are notified in December,  ready to start training in January of the next year;
  • The successful applicants are served with joining instructions letter that stipulates the necessary requirements for the training. The requirements differ from  one centre to another, and depend on the occupation to be pursued and the type of accommodation required- boarding or day;

In entry, the trainee starts at level I, which is the lowest level. Progression thereafter is to levels II and III. 

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