• Development studies
  • Gender studies
  • Anthropology
  • Demography
  • Environmental and natural resources management
  • Economic management
  • Language and education
  • Human geography
  • History
  • Political science
  • Public administration
  • Population studies
  • Sociology
  • Rural studies

The first issue of the EAJSSH is expected to be published at the end of March 2019.Therefore; all manuscripts should be submitted by 15thFebruary 2019. Submit your manuscript by e-mail (
Information to Authors Submission of manuscripts
  1. The EAJSSH shall accept original manuscripts, which have neither been published nor submitted for publication consideration elsewhere. Violation of this condition, if established, will result in rejection of the submission.
  2. Manuscripts should be written in English using the United Kingdom (UK) English spelling and must include an abstract containing not more than 300 words. A full paper, including the abstract, should not exceed 8,000 words in 12 pts Times New Roman font.

    (a) The title should be brief and focused on the content of the paper with a maximum of twenty words.
    (b) The abstract should be informative and well organized to capture the manuscript’s key issues.
    (c) Key words should not exceed five (5)
    (e)The main text should generally constitute the introduction, theoretical/conceptual framework, methodology, findings and discussions, conclusion and recommendations.
    (f) The authors should clearly indicate conflict of interest at the end of the manuscript.
    (g) Authors should use the Harvard citation and referencing style.
    (h) Authors are allowed to acknowledge any assistance from individuals or institutions made on their work.

    3.The EAJSSH welcomes the following types of contribution:
  • Original research work;
  • Review articles, providing a comprehensive review on a scientific topic; and
  • Book reviews.
All manuscripts and any supplementary material to EAJSSH will be submitted via email:  Authors will be required to abide by the instructions provided to them.
General Peer-Review Process
  1. All manuscripts submitted for publication consideration by the EAJSSH will be thoroughly peer-reviewed.
  2. The review process will start with a quick evaluation of the manuscript’s suitability by the editorial office. The initial evaluation shall be finished within a period of two weeks from the day of submission. If the manuscript is seen suitable, it will be blindly reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers.
  3. Submitted manuscripts will also undergo a detailed check for plagiarism. The Chief Editor, the Associate Chief Editor or a board member of the journal together with the Editorial Office will be responsible for the peer-review process.
  4. After a manuscript has been reviewed, the Chief Editor will communicate the verdict about the manuscript based on the reviewers’ comments. The review process shall be completed in a period of not more than 8 weeks from the date of submission. The verdict will be communicated to the author(s) by e-mail, and comments of the reviewers will be attached. If accepted, the corresponding author will be requested to make revision of the manuscript as suggested by the reviewers. The author(s) will then be asked to format the revised manuscript according to EAJSSH’s guidelines before it goes for proofreading, typesetting and publishing.
  5. Authors will receive their accepted manuscripts in PDF format for checking before they are published.
  6. Before a manuscript is published the corresponding author shall have to sign a rights transfer declaration agreement form to transfer his/her rights of the manuscript to the Editor of the Journal on Behalf of The East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (EAJSSH).

Copyright Open Access
Articles published in the East African Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities will be Open-Access articles, distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License.
Chief Editor,
College of Social Sciences and Humanities,
Sokoine University of Agriculture,

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