The Catholic Scholarship Programme wishes to announce that it is accepting scholarship applications for the academic year 2019/2020. Interested applicants are invited to request for an application form from CSPT office at Mwenge Catholic University, from superiors of the congregations, dioceses or you can also download the application form from www.mwecau.ac.tz, www.tcasafrica.org, www.saut.ac.tz

The Catholic Scholarship Programme was established to contribute to building the capacity of the Church by developing servant leaders who will contribute to developing leadership within congregations and communities and the apostolic works and the Church. The Programme seeks to achieve this goal by providing eligible sisters, brothers, priests and lay persons working with and for the Church with access to higher education and leadership training. Preference will be given to women religious and local congregations.
Catholic Scholarship Eligibility Requirements 
 Catholic Religious sisters, brothers and priests who can demonstrate leadership traits and potential may be nominated by their congregational or diocesan superiors.
 Lay persons may be nominated by Church-based Institutions if they meet the following requirements:
(1) Evidence of a full-time employment with the nominating church-based institution for at least three consecutive years and
(2) Holds a leadership position in the nominated organization.
 Specific Levels of Study:
1. Master’s Degree and Post-graduate Diploma. Note that eligibility for a Master’s degree or Post-graduate diploma is possible only following a minimum of two years of work and/or service.
2. Bachelor’s Degree
3. Diploma. Note that this course of study is limited to religious brothers and women religious with a preference for local congregations.
4. Certificate. Note that this course of study is limited to religious brothers and women religious with a preference for local congregations.

Fields of study will be limited to those that support: 
1. Education 
Scholarships will be available to students enrolling in the Faculty of Education of qualifying institutions. Available courses may include Post Graduate Degree in Education, Master of Higher Education Management and Development, Master of Education Management and Planning, Education Science, Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Arts in Education, Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Secondary Education, Diploma in Education Diploma in Teacher Education, Diploma in Psychology and Counselling.
2. Building just societies 
Scholarships will be available to students enrolling in the Faculty of Law, Departments or Faculty of Philosophy, Religious Studies, Gender and Development, Community Development. Available courses may Masters in Law, Bachelors in Law, Masters in Social Work, Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Master in Philosophy, Bachelors in Peace Studies and International Relations, Master in Peace Studies.

3. Effective congregational/Church management and leadership 
Scholarships will be available to students studying finance, administration, management and economics and enrolling in the Faculty of Business of qualifying institutions. Available courses may include Masters in Business Management, Masters in Human Resources Management, Masters in Finance and Corporate Management, Bachelors Business Administration, Diploma Business Administration, Diploma in accountancy.

4. Health 
Moreover, scholarships will be available to students interested in Bachelor degree in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, Certificate in Nursing, Medical Lab Technician courses, and Physiotherapy & Occupational therapy courses.

Note to the Applicants. 
 Only students who are starting a course of study are eligible; a student in an ongoing course of study is not allowed to apply for a scholarship.
 The total number of scholarships awarded annually depends on the availability of funds.
 There will be no age restriction; however, the scholar should show that he or she will be able to provide service and leadership for a period of time in a manner comparable to the investment made.  An applicant who is not accepted on his or her first application is not barred from submitting an application in a subsequent year. However, if an applicant is not successful after three submissions, he or she will no longer be eligible.
 A scholar is not eligible to receive a tuition scholarship if he or she is a recipient of another scholarship for the same course of study.
 Scholarships are given to scholars studying in their country of domicile. Qualifying institutions are any higher education institution "RECOGNIZED by accreditation commission in the country (thus TCU and NACTE).

 Primary award/Selection Criteria: 
 Academic achievement
 Experience and/or potential for leadership
 Participation in service related activities in the community, congregation, etc.
 Work history
 Achievements (academic, professional, congregational)
 Awards/recognition

Application dates: 
Applications for the Catholic Scholarship are open in March 2019. The deadline for receiving applications is 30th June 2019.

Terms and Conditions: 
1. The scholarship award is PARTIAL and will include only tuition fees, administrative costs (i.e application fees and caution money) and other additional fees and administrative costs for the entire duration of the program of study.
2. The scholar will also receive a contribution to be used at his or her discretion to cover additional expenses such as books, research, and travel.

The contribution is:
a. Masters Tshs. 725,000.00
b. Post graduate Diploma Tshs. 725,000.00
c. Bachelor Degree Tshs. 540,000.00 d. Diploma Tshs. 360,000.00
e. Certificate Tshs. 360,000.00

3. All expenses related to boarding, medical and other expenses should be covered by the scholar. Applicants should demonstrate the ability to pay the balance of their study costs without the need to interrupt their studies.

4. Participation in designated Leadership Courses is mandatory and will be undertaken during long breaks, holidays or other designated items. The courses will include: Servant Leadership; Child Protection, Catholic Social Teaching and Professional Management Skills.

5. Each applicant must be attested to by at least two persons in leadership positions, inclusive or his/her superior. The scholar and sponsor must also demonstrate willingness for the scholar to engage in a leadership role following his or her studies.

6. Important note. Successful candidates are notified of their selection between July and August 2019. If you don’t receive any notification by this date, please consider your application as unsuccessful. CONTACT INFORMATION For more information about the scholarship and how to SUBMIT your application forms and credentials for the Catholic Scholarship, please contact the Scholarship office at the addresses provided below:
Catholic Scholarship Programme for Tanzania Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) 
Box 1226, 
Mobile Phone: 0753 038 005 or 0785 412 461 
Telephone: +255 272974110, 
Fax: +255 272974108 
Website: www.mwecau.ac.tz 
Email: csptanzania@gmail.com 


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