Call for Applications
The General Public is hereby informed that, the Government of Romania has granted a Scholarship programme to eligible Tanzanian Nationals to pursue undergraduate studies at Universities in Romania. The Scholarship programme is scheduled to start during 2019/2020 academic year at the following Universities:-
  1. The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration specializing in the fields of Political Science, Public Administration, Management, Communications and Public Relations, International Relations and European studies.http://snspa.ro/en/study-snspa/admission/non-eu-students/
  1. The University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Târgu Mure?https://www.umfst.ro/admission/admission-2019.html
  1. The University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest specializing in the fields of Agronomic Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnologies, Land Reclamation, Horticulture https://www.usamv.ro/index.php/en/admission-2018
  1. Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu specializing in the fields of  Letters, History and Law, Medicine, Food and Textile Processing Technology, Engineering and Sciences https://admitere.ulbsibiu.ro/ro/oferta/non-eu-citizens/
  1. Transilvania University of Brasov specializing in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Technological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Food and Tourism, Wood Processing, Forestry, Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Music, Medicine, Law, Sociology and Communication, Sports and Physical Education, Letters, Product Design and Environment, Psychology and Education Sciences. https://www.unitbv.ro/en/prospective-students/admission/admission-information-for-non-eu-citizens.html
  1. West University of Timisoara specializing in the fields of Chemistry , Biology and Geography, Economics and Business Administration, Mathematics and Computer Science, Music and Theatre, Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences. https://ri.uvt.ro/cetateni-din-state-terte-uniunii-europene-2/?lang=en
  1. Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad specializing in the fields of Design, Economic Sciences, Exact Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Sciences, Theology, Engineering, Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection, Physical Education and Sport.https://www.uav.ro/en/admission/how-to-apply/non-eu-citizens
The application package should comprise of the following:
  1. Application form for the issuance of the Acceptance Letter, filled in ALL the fields (attached);
  2. Proof of Nationality;
  3. Birth Certificate;
  4. A level ACSE Results Transcripts;
  5. O level CSE Results Transcripts;
  6. Diploma Results certificates and Transcripts;
  7. Medical Examination Certificate from a Government Hospital; and
  8. A copy of the marriage certificate (if the applicant’s name changed subsequent to the marriage).
Note: In case the above documents are not in English/French/Romanian you should submit a copy of legalized translation.
Application Procedure
Scanned application package should be sent directly to the respective Universities in Romania not later than 20th July 2019.
Issued by:
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,
University of Dodoma,
College of Business and Law,
Block 10,
P .O. Box 10,
40479 DODOMA


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