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Biology Text Book for Secondary school form one.


Biology for secondary schools form one, is the book prepared to satisfy the need of form one students in Tanzania according to the syllabus for Tanzania.



Biology for secondary schools Tanzania form one satisfies all the requirements of the secondary schools Biology syllabus for Tanzania. It is written by a team of authors with vast experience in teaching and examining Biology.

Some of the important and unique features of this book include.

  • Chapter objectives and key terms to guide the learners through each topic
  • Practical activities to lead the learners through the practical concepts in the Biology course.
  • Self evaluation and review exercises to assess the learners’ understandings of the concepts covered in each sub topic and topic.
  • Model examinations to familiarize the learners with the format of the form two National examination.
  • Full colour illustrations to reinforce the learners’ understandings of concepts.
  • Worked out examples to guide the learners step by step through Biology.

This book is written in simple language to facilitate understandings of concepts. It has an attractive design that makes it easy to use.


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