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St. Michael’s Rosary


A four (4) pages brochure containing a very powerful rosary prayer to St. Michael, the Archangel.


This rosary was given to sister Antonia d’Astonaco of Carmel congregation, Portugal by St. Michael himself. He wanted to be honored by nine (9) Hail Mary followed by nine Choirs of Angels.

Whoever prays this rosary, will be guided by St. Michael and nine angels, one from each Choirs of Angels, every time when he/she approaches the Eucharist.

St. Michael also promises that; whosoever prays this rosary shall be provided with perpetual help, and angels will help him/her and his/her relatives through the Purgatory.

August 8, 1851; Pope Pius XI declared a lot of graces from this rosary.


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